PHP Conference Japan 2021 トーク一覧

採択 Asynchronous 2021/10/03 15:40〜 Track4 Long session (60 mins)

Asynchronous Programming in PHP

agiroLoki Lochemem Bruno Michael agiroLoki

Input-Output (otherwise known as I/O) is commonplace in daily programming but is quite arduous. PHP, though robust, offers sequential, blocking I/O solutions that require one to await completion of one task before starting another. Blocking I/O is somewhat inefficient, especially in modern applications that are computationally intensive in nature. Enter ReactPHP, a PHP-userland affable suite of technologies - complete with an event loop, a NodeJS-akin server, and Promises.

ReactPHP offers the advantages of non-blocking I/O - present in runtimes like Node.JS - to the PHP developers who use it. It provides, via the Reactor pattern, a means of efficiently running I/O operations in an event-driven domain.

My talk titled Asynchronous Programming in PHP with ReactPHP is an attempt to distill asynchronous non-blocking I/O concepts for a PHP audience. The first part is an introduction to non-blocking I/O and describes the advantages of adopting event-driven approaches. The second part is a description of streams, promises, and the event loop. Lastly, the third and fourth parts - the respective focus points being usage and application of ReactPHP - conclude the session.

Discord Channel: #php4-8-php-async

採択 Database 2021/10/03 17:00〜 Track4 Long session (60 mins)

Programming Elasticsearch with PHP

ezimuel ezimuel ezimuel

In this presentation, we will show how to use Elasticsearch with PHP. We will give a short introduction to Elasticsearch showing how PHP developers can benefit from its usage. We will present how to connect to Elasticsearch, how to index data, how to search and aggregate information. We will also present some advanced features, such as fuzzy search, highlighting and the recent schema on read available from Elasticsearch 7.12.

Discord Channel: #track4-9-elasticsearch-php