PHP Conference Japan 2020
2020/12/12 18:00〜
Track6 (International)
Long session (60 mins)

Functional Programming in PHP

agiroloki Lochemem Michael agiroloki

Functional Programming is a programming paradigm that has, since its inception, gradually pervaded through the realm of programming. After all, in theory, it holds that any entity capable of simulating a Turing Machine is Functional Programming-affable. PHP is not outside the parameters of Functional Programming and is, in fact, eligible for the paradigm despite appearing to be ill-equipped for such a purpose.

Functional Programming, though currently in the zeitgeist, has a parlance whose perceived complexity poses some trouble in understanding its cornerstone principles. My talk, titled Functional Programming in PHP, is another in a long line of trials at effectively distilling Functional Programming knowledge for PHP audiences. I will, in the time afforded to me, attempt to discuss the foundations of the paradigm, its relevance and history, PHP's aptness for FP, technical hallmarks - immutability, composition, referential transparency, and function purity - as well as applicable meta concepts like Functors and Monads for building real-world applications.

Track ID: Track6-6
Discord Channel: #track6-6-functional-programming-php