PostgreSQL, The Time-Series Database You Want by Chris Engelbert

JJUG CCC 2022 Fall
2022/11/27 17:00〜
Track D (#jjug_ccc_d)
Video:40min + Live:10min
Beginner Database Yes (YouTube)

PostgreSQL, The Time-Series Database You Want

Chris Engelbert noctarius2k

Time-series data, or data being associated with its respective time of occurrence, is everywhere. From the obvious cases, such as metrics, observability, IoT data, all the way to logs, invoicing, or payment records. While storing some of these in relational databases is standard practice, people often reach for specific time-series databases when volume gets high. But imagine if you could have all of them in the same database: PostgreSQL.

Join me for this session to learn more about the different types of time-series data and have a look at the naive, the native, and the scalable approaches to storing it in PostgreSQL. We’ll contrast their usability and performance characteristics and show you why Postgres is the only database you need!