Persistence made easy with Jakarta Data & NoSQL by Otavio Santana

JJUG CCC 2022 Fall
2022/11/27 17:00〜
Track B (#jjug_ccc_b)
Video:40min + Live:10min
Intermediate Jakarta EE Database

Persistence made easy with Jakarta Data & NoSQL

Otavio Santana otaviojava

Persistence is the soul of modern architecture. It is a way to have a state in the stateless application, mainly in distributed systems such as microservices and cloud age app style.

We handle various persistence sources such as SQL, NoSQL, or even web services. With a considerable amount of options or flavors, how can we have a business away from these details or have a loose couple between the application and the persistence engine?

This presentation will discuss the new trends in the modern persistence model around enterprise architecture.