Migrate Spring Boot app to Quarkus. Stage unlocked by Jonathan Vila

JJUG CCC 2021 Spring
2021/05/23 17:00〜
Track B
50 min
JVM Java SE Cloud Intermediate Standard

Migrate Spring Boot app to Quarkus. Stage unlocked

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Have you heard about Quarkus ? for sure you have, a new super fast, super light framework to develop cloud native and GraalVM compatible apps. But, is that easy to go the Quarkus way ? is it hard to migrate an existing app ? For sure in a hello world demo this will look fantastic ( they all look that way don’t they ? ) but, in a real app, is that nice ? is that easy ? is that fun ? In this session I will show my experience from scratch migrating an app to Quarkus, using different technologies as Hibernate, Prometheus, Rest, … and also how you can check your current app and see how easy is to migrate using a foss app to analyse it.

Prepare for a journey of reality, failures, and experiences on the universe of Quarkus , at a ludicrous speed.