Plug-in Architectures with the Java Module System by Andres Almiray

JJUG CCC 2021 Spring
2021/05/23 17:00〜
Track A
50 min
Java SE Intermediate Standard

Plug-in Architectures with the Java Module System

aalmiray Andres Almiray aalmiray

The Java Module System lays the foundation for building modularized applications on the JVM. It doesn’t concern itself though with resolving module versions and obtaining modules from repositories.

This is where Layrry comes in: an API and launcher for modularized Java applications which takes a descriptor of the module layer(s) to assemble, fetches the modules and starts up the application.

Join us for this session and learn how to:

  • Build Java applications using layers, e.g. providing isolation between different versions of one module.
  • Use jbang to launch your layered apps in no time.
  • Create plug-in based rich-client applications using Java and Layrry, allowing to – dynamically reconfigure and update your layer hierarchy, no restarts required.
  • Create your own customized Layrry launcher if needed

This session is code-centric! Be ready to see the Java Module System, Layrry, and Java in action!

Presentation Type: Standard
Level: Intermediate
Categories: Java SE
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