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Effective Kubernetes for Jakarta EE and MicroProfile Developers JJUG CCC 2021 Fall

reza_rahman Reza Rahman reza_rahman

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There are several key techniques to understand while using Kubernetes with Java EE, Jakarta EE and MicroProfile applications. Examples include:

  • How Kubernetes primitives (such as deployments and services) align with application server administration, clustering, auto-discovery, and load-balancing.
  • How to add self-healing capabilities using Kubernetes probes and monitoring with open source tools like Prometheus/Grafana.
  • How the CI/CD pipeline of your application can be adapted to Kubernetes.
  • How Kubernetes can be extended using Operators to effectively manage application server clusters.

This entirely slide-free, demo-driven session walks through each of these considerations in turn. At the end of the session, you will have all the demos on GitHub so you can explore them on your own.