本イベントはVS Code Meetupのオーガナイザーを含む有志メンバーが主催するコミュニティイベントです。
This event is a community event organized by volunteer members including organizers of VS Code Meetup.

・Acceptance or rejection results will be emailed in mid of January( may vary depending on the situation )

・登壇時間は1枠15分 or 30分を予定しています
・Presentation duration will be 15 or 30 minutes per session.

・We will make slides and archived videos available to the public

・発表は日本語、もしくは英語でお願いします( 日本国外の発表者の方には費用の都合上ノベルティの送付が難しい場合があることをご了承下さい )
・Presentations should be in Japanese or English ( Please note that it may be difficult to send novelties to presenters located outside of Japan due to cost reasons ).

・No fees or reward will be paid related to the preparation of presentation